Philippine Women’s Centre in the Netherlands

“We are a self-help women organization that aims to advance the participation, integration and emancipation of Filipinas in the Netherlands through empowerment.”


Save the date: 02 July 2016

On July 2, 2016, Stichting Bayanihan is celebrating her 25 years of empowering Filipinas in the Netherlands. Founded in 1991, Bayanihan has established herself as a center for the Philippine women in the Netherlands not only by helping empower Filipinas with psycho-social, cultural and legal problems but also women who want to become emancipated, integrated and who wish to participate in the Dutch society through training events. All these valuable works, however, wouldn’t be possible without the help of the committed volunteers. Hence, Bayanihan is celebrating her 25th year anniversary with the theme, “In celebration of the Bayanihan volunteers.”

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CFO calls for nominations to the 2016 Presidential Awards for Filipino individuals & organisations overseas

The Philippine Embassy in The Hague is pleased to announced that the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) in the Philippines has formally opened the nomination to the 2016 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas.

The Presidential Awards is a biennial search to recognize outstanding Filipinos and other individuals or organizations which contribute to Philippine development initiatives, or promote the interests of overseas Filipino communities. The awards are also given to overseas Filipinos who have exceptionally distinguished themselves in their work or profession.

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 This service ranges from giving practical tips and advice on various issues to intensive guidance and counseling.

We provide emergency assistance to Filipinas who need and ask for immediate and direct help.

Our follow-up support activities ensure continuing guidance and assistance to those who are slowly building their lives after a crisis.


We lobby Dutch government institutions, policy-making bodies, trade union federations, welfare and health institutions, the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands and the Philippine government.

We provide referrals to the different Dutch institutions (e.g lawyers, municipal offices, social workers, shelters, police, etc.), and act as intermediary for the Filipina and the various institutions & individuals.


This includes but not limited to works such as conducting research and surveys on issues concerning Filipinas in the Netherlands and dissemination of important information relevant to living in the Netherlands, especially on matters pertaining to relevant Dutch laws and institutions.


We conduct different kinds of workshops, training sessions, awareness-raising and information seminars on various topics and issues that are important for the development and integration of the Filipinas in the Netherlands.

Our empowerment programme is informed by a preventive approach to addressing the problems and concerns of the Filipinas.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller



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With no current financial structural help from the Dutch government, Bayanihan has to come up with creative ways in order to continue the organization’s valuable work.

Any help in cash or in kind is greatly appreciated.

You may send your donations to Stichting Bayanihan’s bank account NL 77 INGB 0006 172781.

IMG_4102Stichting Bayanihan is constantly on the look out for committed volunteers in the areas of social service, information dissemination, research and events, among others. Bayanihan provides trainings to volunteers willing to help us with social services work.

If interested, email us at or simply use the contact form to send your message.

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Stichting Bayanihan conduct different kinds of workshops, training sessions, awareness-raising and information seminars on various topics and issues that are important for development and integration of the Filipinas in the Netherlands.

March 12, 2016: International Women’s Day Celebration