The Bayanihan Seniors Group was established with an eye towards the needs of the older demographic of Filipinos in the Netherlands. With the goals of empowering Filipino seniors to know their rights in the Netherlands, and giving information to Filipino seniors and 55 plussers to help them as they grow older, the Bayanihan Seniors Group strives to fill a growing need in the Dutch-Filipino community in the Netherlands.

The Bayanihan Seniors Group, which was formed last April 23, 2014, is a group of active Filipina senior women living in the Netherlands. The group aims to: (1) empower the Filipina(o) seniors to know their rights in the Netherlands, and (2) give relevant information not only to the Filipina(o) seniors but also to the 50 plussers in order to prepare themselves in the phase of ‘growing older’.

 The Bayanihan Seniors Group was launched on May 31, 2014 at Dona Daria, KennisCentrum Emancipatie in Rotterdam with the theme, Towards Empowering the Elderly: Positive Aging, Leren Goed Oud te Worden.


Coordinator: Cora Campenhout-Alarcon

Secretary: Nora van der Does & Zeni Sajot

Treasurer: Nieva Paez

Overall Coordinator: Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza

Interested to know more?

You can directly contact Cora van Camperhout-Alarcon at 010-7070185 or 0684395527.