In light of the attacks in Brussels yesterday, 22 March 2016, the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands wishes to advise our kababayans to keep informed of developments in this matter, especially those who are planning to undertake travel outside the Netherlands for the Holy Week.

The Dutch Government has pledged its support to the Belgian Government and people in these difficult times, and has noted that, “While many things are still unclear, it’s certain that special vigilance is needed now, not only in Belgium but also in our own country. We will take all necessary precautions.”

Extra patrols by the Royal Military Police will be conducted at Schiphol, Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports, as well as border controls in the southern border. Intensified supervision of police stations will also be instituted in the four (4) major cities, including Roosendaal, Breda and Arnhem for international trains.

The Philippine Embassy takes note of the Dutch Government’s travel advisory to Belgium:

  • Do not travel to Brussels until there is more clarity in the situation. If you are already in Brussels, stay inside as much as possible;
  • Stay away from the airport and subway;
  • Follow the instructions given by the Belgian authorities; and
  • Risk of terrorist attacks remain


(Photo credit: Nahlah Ayed, CBC News)